Idearium AI – voice artificial intelligence for solving any problems and generating images on your smartphone!

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What can it be used for?

Text Writing

Get textual content on any topic using an AI assistant. Simply describe what you need the text for, and our artificial intelligence will generate text that meets your needs.

Follow the trends

You can always see other people’s top requests and live requests. Follow and find inspiration and something new for yourself.

Text to image

Generate images using the command “Draw …”, and artificial intelligence will create an image based on your description.

Text Rewriting

Provide your text and describe what you want to do with it. Idearium AI can handle any text rewriting tasks. You can receive a rewritten version of the text, an updated version, or changes according to your preferences.

Code Writing

Describe your request and specify the programming language in which you want to receive a response. Idearium AI will generate program code that meets your needs and requirements.

Information Research and Learning

Perform faster and higher-quality information searches with the help of artificial intelligence. Our AI will assist you in finding the information you need, conducting research based on your query, and providing valuable results.

Voice Control. Talk to AI.

In the Idearium AI app, there is a feature of voice communication with artificial intelligence. This enhances the level of interaction between the assistant and the user.

Create pictures with AI.

Our AI chat is ready to help you generate unique images. Just say “Draw” and provide a detailed description of what you’d like to see. The more details you give, the more marvelous the result will be. Let your creativity come to life with our innovative AI tool!

Improved quality of responses90%


Increased response speed70%


Live Feed and Popular Queries for AI.

In our application, you will find the most common questions users ask the artificial intelligence during a specific period. Additionally, you will be able to observe the live feed, showing current and relevant queries being posed to the AI in real-time. Keep track of trends and analyze data to enrich your knowledge!


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